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By Level 3 Flexeran
Level 3 Flexeran
As a savvy cloud user, you take advantage of AWS discount plans and purchase Reserved Instances and/or Savings Plans*. These are purchased in one account but AWS may apply the savings across any of your other accounts. When this happens, costs is reported as zero for the covered usage in the account with the usage. This leaves the amount you paid as a lump sum in the account which purchased the RI's/SP's, but you would like to spread these costs to the accounts where the savings are realized.
Optima has the answer for spreading these costs out from the purchasing account to the accounts using the savings! In a scenario where there is full utilization of the discount plans, the cost of the RI's/SP's in the purchasing account will go to zero and the accounts that used the discounts will be charged their fair share.

Each reallocation option (Savings Plan or Reserved Instances) can be enabled separately. Please contact your support representative to request these discount reallocations to be enabled.
* For most customers, Flexera currently recommends purchasing Savings Plans as they are more flexible than Reserved Instances and offer comparable rates.