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Getting login error from a server to login to Flexera One

Hi All,

I'm getting the below error while trying to access Flexera One from a jump server, unable to access web ui portal.

We are in mid of a beacon configuration getting this error.


Rajesh Kalidasan

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@Shrithi6431 - You may want to read the following documentation on which URLs and Ports are required for Flexera One as there is likely a network rule on this server that is blocking something.


By Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

In relation to the following error:

There was an unexpected internal error.

Please try again.


This may indicate that access to some Internet URLs is restricted from the computer where you are running your web browser.

You may get some insight into specifics by looking for errors in the your browser's developer tools console or network trace.

See the following page for information on URLs and endpoints that Flexera One uses: Safelist URLs and Endpoints

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