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Flexera agent connection from On-prem to Multi Region Cloud.

We have Beacon server on On-prem.  And in One region we have 2 tenancies(T1 and T2) also T2 tenancy extended to DR region which is in different region. We have created Fast connect between On-prem and T1 and LPG between T1 to T2 of Primary Region and RPC between T2 Primary Region to DR of T2 in different region .

Connection between T2 of Primary Region to DR of T2 in different region goes fine and was able to sync the data to with a proxy server in between.

Connection from T1 and T2 of Primary region with Beacon server goes fine.
Now to connect Flexera agent from DR of T2 in different region to On prem,  should go via proxy server.

Can we know what details should be added in proxy server to communicate with? 


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I suppose that you've spent some time on Configuring for Proxy Servers documentation and all the KB's and threads in this community discussing proxy settings. It may be challenging for the forum members to be able to respond before you provide further details on the topology and especially how other communication from  DR of T2 is configured to reach the On prem environment, e.g., a browser configuration.