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Exporting data from ITAM to External Dashboard Tools

Does anyone currently use a data visualization tool with data exported from FlexeraOne (either the API, or indirectly with .csv files/reports)?

For example, PowerBI may be a simpler tool to start with (and individual licenses are somewhat cheap), but to share the dashboards with the enterprise, things get expensive quickly. 

Also investigating Tableau as well.

I am curious if anyone else has experience on best practices or costs involved.

Thanks !

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We (Flexera presales) have exemplified the export into PowerBI for PoC purposes, but it may be important to understand a bit more about which data from Flexera One that you would be interested in and for which use cases?


Hey John - We're basically looking to grab Inventory, licensing, and typical ITAM data out of Flexera and publish it outwards. 

We can do custom reporting and whatnot internally, but do not plan on giving Flexera access to a broad group of consumers, as it quickly becomes "too many cooks in the kitchen" so to speak.

It looks like right now - the general consensus is basically to just use the API to pull basic data from ITAM, and over time more of the database will become available as an endpoint. 

I do see the 'custom reporting' export was just added to the API - so what might be an option is basically to just export out an custom report on automated basis to be pulled up into a tableau or a powerbi.

The idea is we can create dashboards for specific business users/cases that can be refreshed on a cadence. Additionally, there's times where we may need to supplement custom data from spreadsheets (e.g. for chargeback purposes, a lot of times you have to run some proprietary excel stuff before you can match against Flexera's consumption data)

hope that helps!