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Deleting an Inventory Connection


Most of our machines pull inventory from both SCCM and the Flexera agent. We have been working hard to rollout the Flexera agent to our remaining machines that were previously only inventoried by SCCM as we are standardising and wish to use only the Flexera agent moving forwards. Is there anything we need to be aware of prior to removing the SCCM connection? I understand we will need to delete the SCCM connection and also remove it from the Beacon, but is there anything else we need to consider?

Once we delete the SCCM connection, will this automatically remove all evidences from all machines that was previously reported by SCCM? What will happen to application usage data? Will this be retained in Flexera or not? Does the Flexera agent track application usage for every application out of the box? I'm particularly interested in the usage data element, because when I look at my computer, which has had the Flexera agent deployed for about 4 months, there is no software usage information showing in Raw Software Usage in the Flexera UI. In fact, all raw usage data in this view appears to relate to servers only and nothing for endpoints, which is odd.

Any help and advice would be appreciated.


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Please refer to Chris' blog: Application usage metering using the FlexNet inventory agent for configuration of Flexera's inventory agent and its usage monitoring options.

You're correct in expecting that all SCCM inventory and usage data will be deleted when you delete its connection and stop the beacon's SCCM import task.