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Deferred Status


Does anyone know why installed applications with a status of deferred fail to show in the report called Licenses Compliance & Unlicensed Product Risks? According to the online guide, the status of deferred is used for administrative convenience only and still counts towards license consumption. As you can see from the screen shots, there are 6 installations of different versions across 6 unique computers. The 4 highlighted in yellow have a status of Unmanaged and appear in the Licenses Compliance report. The 2 that are deferred do not appear in the Licenses Compliance report. Why is this please?

Installed Applications.png

Licenses Compliance.png

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I can see that you got a response from Flexera Support on this one. Please feel free to share it here if you think that other forum members would benefit from it.


I did get a response from support, thank you. One for everyone to watch out for in my opinion. The guide says one thing, but in reality it is incorrect. Support also agreed that the documentation is somewhat confusing!

By Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

The "Deferred" application status is intended to be used for applications that you are not [yet] actively managing, while unlicensed product/application reports are seeking to focus on things you are actively managing. As such, applications with a "Deferred" status are not included in these reports.

There is a reference to this behavior on the following online help page: Unlicensed Installations.

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