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Bulk Filtering on Specific Criteria

The report filter on ITAM is very useful with AND/OR criteria, but has one major drawback - the inability to paste in a comma separated list of values to bulk filter many values in one command.

There's many situations where a business customer might ask for a report filtering on a specific group of devices, or ID's. In many cases, you might not have any common ground between these criteria (e.g. a corporate unit, or cost center, etc). Sometimes you really do just need to check a list of several hundred miscellaneous items. 


Right now there's no other way to do this other than to paste the items one by one (which isn't feasible), or to try to get a list of all the data and then filter it out by hand - which is overkill especially with a large real estate.

Has anyone found a workaround for this in ITAM Cloud (FlexeraOne)?

Enhancement requests:

There's a couple Ideas submissions, but it doesn't seem we have traction on these yet.


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