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Billing_Center_Admin & enterprise_manager

Currently the Billing_Center_Admin role is only available at the organization level.

My company is made up of many independent business units from all over the world. We create sub billing centers for each business unit and give business unit users just Billing_Center_Viewer to these.

We don't want them with admin view as they can see billing data/edit allocations for other business units.  We don't give them enterprise_manager access either for this reason.

This causes us trouble because we have business units who want to do management within their sub billing center. For example, they want to create additional sub billing centers, they want to adjust their own allocations, they want to create shared dashboards, etc. 

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By Technical Writer
Technical Writer

Please open an enhancement in our new Ideas portal for the ability to assign the billing_center_admin role at the billing center level and not just the org.

Recently Flexera launched a new facility within the Flexera Community to raise enhancements that is monitored and responded to by our Product Managers. This will lead to a more direct communication on these submissions. As you already have a community account, you can go directly to the Flexera Ideas area from within the product page (

For more detail on how the process works and what expectations you should have there is also an FAQ which should hopefully answer all of your questions located at