Using Flexera Ideas

Using Flexera Ideas

Flexera Ideas What To Expect

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We have been listening to customer feedback and understand you want more updates and clarity around our process once an Idea has been submitted. As a high level summary: We're Idea junkies! We'll read every new Idea we get and update status within ...
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How do I submit a new Idea?

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Log into the Flexera Community at (if you don’t have an account, create one from here) Click on Product at the top navigation and then click on 'Ideas' Click on Add a New Idea: Pick your Product (If you need help on selecting,...
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What product or segment should I submit my Idea to?

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From Monday, 15 March 2021, the following table outlines how Flexera products map in Ideas: Product Line Category Submit here for Flexera One IT Asset Management · FlexNet Manager Suite Cloud · Request & Reharvest Fle...
by KPBussey Flexera Alumni

What will happen to my existing enhancement requests?

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We take your enhancement requests seriously and will ensure these receive review. If you have an open enhancement request, we will work with you over the next several months to: close any open enhancement requests for products that are no longer su...
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What should be submitted through Ideas?

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Product enhancement requests can be submitted via Ideas. Product Bug/Defects and Content related requests should not be submitted to Ideas. Please continue to contact our Support Team for these requests. A way of thinking about a product enhancemen...
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What should I include to help support my Idea?

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Having a great idea is one thing. How this is conveyed via Ideas is what will help the Idea get noticed and voted on by other portal subscribers. In preparing your Idea, the following tips are recommended: Go for reach. The more an idea can help...
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What happens after I submit an Idea?

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Your idea will be reviewed by our Product team within three weeks. We will: Reach out if the Idea is unclear to clarify any questions we may have before moving the Idea out of 'New' status. Assess the Idea to ensure it is not a duplicate. If it...
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Can I vote on other Ideas submitted by other users?

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Yes, absolutely! This is highly encouraged. This is a great way for our Product team to identify demand for particular Ideas. To vote, visit the Ideas portal and click on the grey vote idea. The image will turn green when your vote has been cast...
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How do I get updates on Ideas?

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You will be notified by email notification of all status changes or comments on any Ideas you submit. You can also subscribe to notifications for any ideas you are interested in following. To subscribe to an idea: Visit the Ideas page Click on an...
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