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Optima blog

How to get started with Optima

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If you’re new to Optima, you might not know all the ways the powerful tool helps you turn insight over your cloud costs into actionable. More than just a way to look at what cloud costs you have, Optima gives you a picture of what is to come with for...
by Community Manager nswedberg Community Manager

Optima forum

Policy privileges

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Trying to enable a new budget alert and/or scheduled report policy. What user privilege is required for someone in order to enable policies?
by Flexera jfaria Flexera

Reporting in Optima

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How does setting up reports work in Optima? I'd like to see which instance types make up my EC2 spend in all of my AWS Accounts. Is there an easy way to create this view in Optima?
by Flexera mlutz Flexera