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Advanced search "is any of" has disappeared as an option

I'm trying to use the Advanced Search option of "is any of", but I cannot find it anymore.  Granted, it was cumbersome to use, but better than not having a roughly SQL equivalent 'in' operator at all. I've gotten around it by creating an 'or' group, but that seems even more cumbersome way to create a list of items to compare against. 

Am I missing something?

thanks, jon

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By Technical Writer
Technical Writer

This is a confirmed bug (IOK-1119157). The "Is any of" & "Is none of" functionality can be obtained using the different names of "Is empty" & "Is not empty". While the names are misleading, the functionality is the same. The bug is to fix the names to display the correct filter that is being applied.

If I build a new filter on '...empty', will it be lost when the bug fix is implemented?  i.e will you determine valid "...empty" filters vs. "Is any of" & "Is none of" filters?


The issue is still being researched by our engineering team but the hope is to be able to change the names back to the correct description not create new filters.