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By Level 8 Flexeran
Level 8 Flexeran

Integrating Flexera One’s SaaS Management with Tableau Online now requires using a personal access token (PAT). To implement the Tableau personal access token authentication, there is a limit of one personal access token per concurrent request. For details, see the note within the Tableau Cloud Help topic Understand Personal Access Tokens. Due to this limitation, the SaaS Management integration with Tableau Online requires this new integration task schedule: 

  • License Information integration task will run at 5 AM UTC.
  • Application Roster integration task will run at 6 AM UTC.
  • Application Access integration task will run at 11 AM UTC.

Existing SaaS Management integrations with Tableau Online will fail because the authentication method has been updated from OAuth to personal access token authentication. To resolve this issue, you need to reauthorize the integration by generating a new personal access token as described in the “Integrating Tableau Online With SaaS Management” section of the Tableau Online integration instructions

For new SaaS Management integrations with Tableau Online, the integration tasks are not run instantly. After the integration is authorized, the integration tasks are run per the above schedule.

Best Practice: Flexera recommends adding only one managed application per Tableau account to SaaS Management. If more than one managed Tableau Online application is added to SaaS Management with the same credentials at a given time, only one Tableau Online managed application task will run. The remaining tasks will fail. There may be a delay in syncing your Tableau account data with SaaS Management due to the Tableau Online integration task schedule and the time when the managed Tableau Online application is added to SaaS Management. For example, if the Application Access integration task runs before the Application Roster task, you will see activity in the Tableau Online Suspicious Activities tab. You will have to wait until the next Application Roster job runs to sync the data between Tableau Online and SaaS Management.