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By Level 8 Flexeran
Level 8 Flexeran

At the top of the ServiceNow Managed SaaS Applications page (SaaS > Managed SaaS Applications) are two new ovals that display information related to your managed ServiceNow application in SaaS Management. For details, see the following table.


ServiceNow Account Information Description

The ServiceNow release name associated with your managed ServiceNow application.
Example: Tokyo

Tip: Knowing the release name helps you understand your organization’s upgrade path as ServiceNow releases a new version at least once a year with new fixes, functionalities, and features.

Note: If your ServiceNow instance requires an upgrade, ensure the upgrade is successfully completed. Otherwise, the ServiceNow API returns an incorrect Release value, which is then displayed in SaaS Management.

Sandbox Instances

The number of active ServiceNow sandbox instances that are managed in SaaS Management.

Note: If your organization does not manage any sandbox instances in SaaS Management, a dash “-” is displayed.


Flexera One Help Resources

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