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By Level 7 Flexeran
Level 7 Flexeran

Users are now able to see the adjusted and unadjusted costs (raw costs) in Cloud Cost Optimization reports. This new feature is enabled for users who need the cost-transparency to see adjusted and unadjusted costs into their cloud costs using the new role: View bill adjustments.

We have added the View bill adjustments role to allow Cloud Cost Optimization administrators to grant users in their organization the permission to view the Adjustment Program page and the Bill Adjustments dimensions in the dashboards and tabular views.

NOTE: The ability to view adjusted and unadjusted costs is also available to users with the Manage organization and Manage bill adjustments roles.

For more information about viewing bill data adjustments, see Bill Data Adjustments in the Flexera One Help.

For more information about Flexera One roles, see Flexera One Roles in the Flexera One Help.