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By Level 9 Flexeran
Level 9 Flexeran


I am pleased to share we have made significant improvements to Flexera One ITAM UI response times through a series of updates deployed throughout Q3 2022.

To focus this activity, we identified specific pages and operations taking longer to complete than desired through system monitoring, and through valued feedback from customers and partners.

To date, work has been done to speed up load times of more than 30 pages. On average, load times for these targeted pages have decreased by 56%, with a maximum decrease of 78%.

Here is a list of pages and operations that have had improvements made:

 Inventory Devices

  1. All inventory list view
  2. Inventory device operations
  3. Inventory device file evidence view
  4. Inventory device WMI evidence view
  5. Inventory device installer evidence view
  6. Inventory device associated license’s view
  7. Inventory devices delete
  8. User associated licenses

Software Licenses

  1. Software License properties
  2. Software license consumption tab
  3. Apply Allocations and Exemptions
  4. Unlicensed CAL Usage view
  5. License device CAL consumption
  6. License user CAL consumption
  7. Assigned licenses to inventory device
  8. Points Rules for applications
  9. License assignment through user properties
  10. Opening application properties

All Assets

  1. All Assets view
  2. Asset update


  1. Purchase order processing
  2. Pending purchase order’s view


  1. All Users grid view
  2. Bulk Users delete

Inventory Settings and Data Imports

  1. Data Imports
  2. On-off business import rejected records view
  3. Systems Tasks view
  4. Inventory agent upgrade targets
  5. Beacon failover group
  6. Beacon communication groups

Data Export

  1. Data export from Web UI grids
  2. Generic Rest API to export report data (option to automate report data export)

What is next

While good improvements have been made, we are far from done with this activity! We are working hard to make improvements to further operations that can take a while to run. Our aim is to ensure this is done without losing the benefits of business logic and automation required to take care of the wide range of data driving the complex licensing scenarios that is the heart of what Flexera One ITAM is all about.

FlexNet Manager Suite users will benefit from many of the improvements made in the Flexera One ITAM UIs once they upgrade to the upcoming FlexNet Manager Suite 2022 R2 release.

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By Level 9 Champion
Level 9 Champion

@AamerSharif  - glad to hear this activity is an ongoing process for speed enhancements, as across the system this is probably the number 1 complaint I hear from our users. Which is the underlying speed of the system. 👍

Level 4


when it will be possible to connect on client beacon to make some survey


By Moderator Moderator


I think it may be required for you to elaborate a bit more on your question here, e.g. explain the specific use case(s) you have in mind.


John Sorensen, Flexera