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lmadmin help contents are incorrect in

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Description The help contents packaged with lmadmin are incorrect. This was reported as known issue FNP-21453. Replication Scenario No replication steps required. Workaround No workaround available. Version Fix Target FlexNet Publis...
by Community Manager cvirata Community Manager

lmvminfo doesn't return virtualization details

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Question: Why doesn't "lmvminfo -long" return detailed virtualization details? Answer: The lmvminfo utility returns the environment as virtual or not and possibly additional details in the case of a virtual environment with (-long) switch. Usage:...
by Flexera gpappin Flexera

Query dongle driver version installed

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Question: How can we fetch the version of dongle driver version, installed on the local system? Answer: For HASP: - hasplms -vhasplms version the package shown in here:haspdinst.exe -info For WIBU: - Query the registry location "Co...
by Flexera aparashar1 Flexera


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Question: What FLEXLM_BORROWFILE environment variable is and how can it be used? Answer: FLEXLM_BORROWFILE is an environment variable, which if set, the path/file set under it is considered as the location to save the borrow cache for Flexnet Publ...
by Flexera aparashar1 Flexera

LSB compliance and FNP

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Question: Over the years, our customers have had issues with LSB-loader as described in FNP release documentations. Moreover, on some recent Linux updates, such as SUSE Enterprise Linux 12, the LSBcomponent is not offered as part of the supported d...
by Flexera aparashar1 Flexera

RESERVE and MAX in options file.

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JIRA ISSUE: FNP-11299, FNP-11300, FNP-20479 Issue: 1.) Reservation line is not displaying in server log when RESERVE and MAX are both in options file. 2.) License exceeds count message is coming instead of MAX line in serverlog when both MAX and RE...
by Flexera aparashar1 Flexera

SIGN2 and its future with FNP tolkit

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Question: I read in a 11.14.0 release note that SIGN2 keyword is deprecated, but SIGN= is seen as the original public key signature system and SIGN2= the new improved system. So if I remove SIGN2 the license will not be less secured ? Answer: )...
by Flexera aparashar1 Flexera


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Question: Is it possible to specify a VM_UUID on a FEATURE/INCREMENT line in a license file? Answer: Unfortunately it is not currently possible to specify a VM_UUID on a FEATURE/INCREMENT line in a license file.This is stated on page 17 of the "Un...
by Flexera dgalloway Flexera