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Where can I get the dongle drivers?

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SummaryWhere can I get the dongle drivers?QuestionWhere can I get the dongle drivers?AnswerThe dongle drivers can downloaded from the link below: http://learn.flexerasoftware.com/content/ECM-Dongle-Drivers They are also included in the <platform...
by Community Manager acurry Community Manager

lmadmin help contents are incorrect in

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Description The help contents packaged with lmadmin are incorrect. This was reported as known issue FNP-21453. Replication Scenario No replication steps required. Workaround No workaround available. Version Fix Target FlexNet Publis...
by Community Manager cvirata Community Manager

lmvminfo doesn't return virtualization details

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Question: Why doesn't "lmvminfo -long" return detailed virtualization details? Answer: The lmvminfo utility returns the environment as virtual or not and possibly additional details in the case of a virtual environment with (-long) switch. Usage:...
by Flexera gpappin Flexera

Query dongle driver version installed

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Question: How can we fetch the version of dongle driver version, installed on the local system? Answer: For HASP: - hasplms -vhasplms version the package shown in here:haspdinst.exe -info For WIBU: - Query the registry location "Co...
by Flexera aparashar1 Flexera


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Question: What FLEXLM_BORROWFILE environment variable is and how can it be used? Answer: FLEXLM_BORROWFILE is an environment variable, which if set, the path/file set under it is considered as the location to save the borrow cache for Flexnet Publ...
by Flexera aparashar1 Flexera