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lmhostid: The VM Host ID is not available. (-215,14704)

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Introduction When running lmhostid.exe on a virtual machine to obtain the VM_UUID the following error has been thrown: "C:\jmcmillan\x64_n6-\x64_n6>lmhostid -ptype vm uuidlmhostid - Copyright (c) 1989-2024 Flexera. All Rights Reserved.The...
by Revenera jmcmillan Revenera

Token Based Licensing

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Vendor-defined is an optional modifier which is Used for publisher-defined entitlement such as token based. LM_A_CHECKOUT_DATA is a crucial part to make this work. Token-based licensed vendor daemons, the checkouts/checkins are based on tokens inste...
by jyadav Flexera Alumni

ERROR: Activation library initialization failed: status 2

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Introduction Trusted storage activation failed with ERROR: Activation library initialization failed: status 2 when running the appactutil utility to activate the licence on Linux platform, how to fix it. [fnpuser@fnp-ts-rhel8 x64_lsb]$ ./appactuti...
by Revenera Moderator mrathinam Revenera Moderator

Errors prevent starting license servers

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Summary This article contains information about a defect in FlexNet Publisher 11.19.2, 11.19.3, or 11.9.4 that may prevent vendor daemons from starting and serving license successfully. A fix will be available in FlexNet Publisher Note: Th...
by Revenera Community Admin cvirata Revenera Community Admin

How to get the startup time of the vendor daemon

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Introduction: Code to get the startup time of the vendor daemon (when the vendor daemon was started) using FNP C API .Instructions:1. LM_A_VD_GENERIC_INFO gets information that is not specific to a feature and is mostly found in lsvendor.c. 2. In th...
by jyadav Flexera Alumni

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