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lc_flexinit failed : 20 Error

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This error is generally observed in case the Flexnet Licensing Service has not been installed (Refer : https://community.flexera.com/t5/FlexNet-Publisher-Knowledge-Base/lc-flexinit-failed-20-error/ta-p/3142) However, in case of certificate based lic...
by Revenera aparashar1 Revenera

Buffer Based Flexnet Licensing

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The license rights do not need to be defined in a license file. They can be specified as a literal string anywhere a license file name can be used (such as in a license search path). The actual text of the license file is specified with START_LICENS...
by Revenera aparashar1 Revenera

EC2/AMZN VM_UUID output format

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We have had customer inputs of 2 different types of format for VM_UUID being reported on EC2 instances. This seems to be related to the decision taken by Amazon, where AWS was transitioning instance IDs and reservation IDs to a longer format. Link:...
by Revenera aparashar1 Revenera

Windows 8.1 support for FNP

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Starting FNP-11.17.2, Windows 8.1 is no more a tested and supported platform. After careful consideration this decision was taken. That's the reason, Windows 8.1 has also not been mentioned under the testing platform in release notes of V11.17.2 to ...
by Revenera jyadav Revenera
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