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Resolved Issue: dll not Digitally signed (Xalan-C, XalanMessages, Xerces)

Resolved Issue: dll not Digitally signed (Xalan-C, XalanMessages, Xerces)


Customers experienced an issue with their application due to unsigned FNP DLLs in the latest release. They reported receiving the following error message in their logs when starting their application:


The digital signature of the Xalan-C_1_12.dll is not matching. Thus, the application cannot be started.



Upon investigation, it was discovered that in the most recent release, version 11.19.6, the following DLLs are not digitally signed:




All prior versions of these DLLs were digitally signed, indicating a change in the latest release that is causing the application to fail to start due to mismatched digital signatures.

Fix Version and Resolution

We have a new lmadmin kit available in the PLC for download, which includes the correctly signed DLLs. If you face this issue please download and use this updated version.

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