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Way to change the location of .flexlmborrow file

Way to change the location of .flexlmborrow file

The default location of the borrow file is registry (Windows) or $HOME/.flexlmborrow (UNIX).

You can modify this location using FLEXLM_BORROWFILE environment variable .

FLEXLM_BORROWFILE is an environment variable, which if set, the path/file set under it is considered as the location to save the borrow cache for Flexnet Publisher borrow functionality.

Windows FNP toolkit needs the file name provided in environment variable to be available under "SOFTWARE\\FLEXlm License Manager" i.e. appends the environment variable entry to the hard coded file location (there is no way to bypass or change that- at utility level).

Since borrow code on Linux and Windows are different, Linux accepts an absolute file path whereas windows doesn’t.

For Windows, we would need to create a key under "SOFTWARE\\FLEXlm License Manager\flexborrow”, specify particular name under FLEXLM_BORROWFILE (= flexborrow) and it works fine then after.

Use Environmental variable "FLEXLM_BORROWFILE" to set client side cache to different location for one of hosts.

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