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Enable Baddate Checking

Enable Baddate Checking


This article will explain how to enable baddate checking.


There are two things that need to be done in order to enable the check baddate option to the vendor daemon and the flexnenabled client application.


1. Vendor Daemon:
Change the value of ls_a_check_baddate variable form 0 to 1 from lsvendor.c. This file is located in the <platform>machind directory.
2. Flexenabled Application:
+++ FLEXible API +++

(File-Based Licensing)
Add LM_A_CHECK_BADDATE attribute to your application.
lc_set_attr(lm_job, LM_A_CHECK_BADDATE, (LM_A_VAL_TYPE) 1);

(Trusted Storage based Licensing)
Add LM_TS_BADDATE attribute to your application.
lc_set_attr(lm_job, LM_TS_BADDATE, (LM_A_VAL_TYPE) 1);

After adding the attribute to the flexenabled application and changing the 'ls_a_check_baddate' variable; both vendor daemon and the flexenabled application will need to be rebuilt to enable these options.
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