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FlexNet Publisher 2014 ( SP5 Release Notes

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SummaryFlexNet Publisher 2014 ( SP5 Release NotesSynopsisBelow are the Table of Contents from the attached FlexNet Publisher 2014 ( Release Notes.This is meant to act as a reference for KnowledgeBase Article search return results....
by Flexera mtbruce Flexera

AMZN_EIP blank on Linux

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SummaryAMZN_EIP blank on LinuxQuestionOn a RHEL 6.5 64bit system, the AMZN_EIP is blank. When using lmadmin 11.12.1 and vendor daemon that were built on the same version, the license manager is no longer working.15:13:27 (LUMERICL) Wrong hostid on SE...
by Flexera mtbruce Flexera

FNP calling IP address

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SummaryAs part of the Amazon EC2 detection FNP may make calls to the IP Address with FlexNet Publisher (FNP) 11.12 it has been noticed that FNP attempts to communicate with the IP address Discussion...
by dhumphreys Pilgrim

Which version of OpenSSL is used with FNP?

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SummaryWhich version of OpenSSL is used with FlexNet Publisher?QuestionWhich version of OpenSSL is used with FlexNet Publisher?AnswerFor FNP 11.12.1, the OpenSSL version used was 1.0.1e. For FNP 11.13.1, the OpenSSL version used was 1.0.1h. In FNP 11...
by Flexera mtbruce Flexera

Activation not possible when NOTICE filed is not UTF8

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SummaryThis article will explain if the NOTICE field is not in UTF 8 format activation will fail.SynopsisIs there a way to accept an activation even if the NOTICE field is not in correct value of UTF 8?When activating using wrong UTF 8 value it fails...
by mdoshi Pilgrim