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end user portal

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does anyone have a workaround on how to hide or filter out expired licenses so they don't show in the end user portal? This is important for licenses administrators that manage multiple licenses. They only want to view current licenses.
by kikoma Flexera beginner

Default part number when adding entitlement line item

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Question posted by Flexera Community Team on behalf of a customer: When adding a line item to an entitlement, I need to select/set the part number manually (while there is only 1 part number linked to the product). Is there a way to make sure this pa...
by Community Manager cvirata Community Manager


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What documentation is out there to provide end users on how licensing works? I can see documentation from https://flexerasoftware.flexnetoperations.com/control/inst/index This more for producers but im looking for end user documentation.
by kikoma Flexera beginner

LLS support IP V6

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Does the LLS and the client library support IP V6 for the LLS?
by zvikab Flexera beginner

Sending out of emails does not work

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Hello,All e-mails I tried to send out from the Flexera-Operations portal are not delivered.If I go to Administer --> Sent Emails I can see the log of all Emails I have sent, but these emails never reach the receiver.Also if I try to resend the Email ...
by edkpro Flexera beginner


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Hello, Just wanted to see what extracts others are getting and how are you receiving them? Currently we have a couple of api calls that get some extracts but also have extracts in reports that are emailed to us after the scheduled run.
by kikoma Flexera beginner

flexnet embedded addon-mapping

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I am looking at running a report from the reporter tool from the flexnet embedded addon-mapping universe. What does the addon-mapping mean?
by kikoma Flexera beginner

Email Template for License Technology

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Is it possible to define a custom "Product Upgrade Job Email" template for a License Technology?I am getting an error when I attempt to add the template and I also cannot see the option for specifying the template in the "Create a Licence Technology"...
by andybevan Flexera beginner

FNO 2017 on premise download access and license

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Hi, I want to get access FNO 2017 on premise download page, but my account (martynas_kulvietis@trimble.com) seems not to work for it. I should have inherited account from Andreas Lang (our former colleague who passed away few months ago). 1.) Can you...
by mkulvietis Flexera beginner

License error at Doors/Dora startup

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Hello! I'd like to ask for help with a license error. I am getting an error while starting up Doors / Dora from citrix receiver. The error is the following: " License Error: User/host not on INCLUDE list for feature. Feature: DOORS,License path: 1706...
by KovacsErvin Flexera beginner


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