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FNO 2017 on premise download access and license

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Hi, I want to get access FNO 2017 on premise download page, but my account (martynas_kulvietis@trimble.com) seems not to work for it. I should have inherited account from Andreas Lang (our former colleague who passed away few months ago). 1.) Can you...
by mkulvietis Flexera beginner

FlexNet Operation Cloud - UAT Data Refresh????

0 3 3736
We consider Flexera's decision to not refresh the UAT environment a devaluation of the service.Here is some background and history on the topic:We've been a long time user of FlexNet Operations Cloud - going back about 10-years when it was originally...
by Rich_Hobson Pilgrim

FlexNet Operations Hunker Down

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Hi everyone! Thanks for attending this morning's session! A few questions:-how frequent would you like to see these sessions?-what other topics would you like to see?
by Community Manager Amy@Flexera Community Manager

CreateProcess error code: 0x36b1

0 1 4796
Hello I need your experience to solve this case please.In the Client log file I have this message :[...]15:05:13 (lmgrd) License server manager (lmgrd) startup failed: 15:05:13 (lmgrd) CreateProcess error code: 0x36b1 File= c:\palette\apl\gest_see_lm...
by jjardine Pilgrim

VENDOR_STRING not expected error

0 1 1874
I'm running FNO 12.8 with the FNP 11.10.1 toolkit. I'm trying to create entitlements programmatically for a product that supports Retail Activation and Nodelocked Uncounted models. I'm specifying values for the SERIAL_NUMBER and VENDOR_STRING fields....
by pauleagle7 Pilgrim

Deleting an Entitlement

0 1 3852
Hello, We have some obsolete entitlements on the fno and wanted to clean it up. The line items in the entitlements were activated and then returned by the user. When I tried to delete the entitlement the fno throws an error Cannot delete line ite...
by Cummins_Tool Pilgrim

serveractutil error

0 3 4879
i currently get the error flxActAppActivationSend - (50041,41143,34) when trying to activate my entitlement from serveractutil. The line i am running is belowserveractutil -served -comm soap - commServer MyServer:MyPort/flexnet/services/activationser...
by Senergy Pilgrim

Fno- Api

0 2 2365
Hello, I have experience with programming the FLEXnet Connect API and was wondering if the same or similar capabilities exist for FNO? If so, what would be your opinion on who easily my knowledge of the FNC API would transfer and or help me out wi...
by timstspry Pilgrim

Customers using FNO on 64-bit OSes and on vmware

0 2 5681
1) Has anyone tried deploying FlexNet Operations on a 64-bit OS? Can you provide more details such as FNO version, which OS you tried on etc? (Note: This is not currently supported by FNO. The purpose of this question is understand if anyone has trie...
by banant Pilgrim

Information about how to use UHD

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Hi,We are planning to build our application to use UHD option.Where can I find more information about this?- how to enable this option while building the application/tool?- how to enable this while creating license?- what are the pros and cons of usi...
by Navdeep Pilgrim

(lmgrd) Can't open /usr/tmp/.flexlm/lmgrdl.4081, errno: 24

0 2 6415
We are a tool vendor and one of our users is getting this error. The user is using several macrovision license enabled products including ours. (lmgrd) Can't open /usr/tmp/.flexlm/lmgrdl.4081, errno: 24At this time, it stops checking out licenses, an...
by flexlm668 Pilgrim


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