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Flexera Alumni

Flexera continues to innovate to help customers solve critical challenges. Our latest release will include visibility for software running in containers.

Customers have told us:

  • Moving micro-services architecture is leading to an increase use of containers
  • Gaining visibility into and understanding the software running in containers will be a game changer
  • They will use licensed software (Oracle, MySQL, etc.) on containers if they can track the licenses

Flexera is now positioned to help customers solve these common business problems.

What do our agent-based discovery capabilities include:

  • Image and container discovery
  • Event based individual container scan

How does it work:

  • Agent resides on the host machine
  • Report grid with drilldown capabilities
  • Drill down by host->Image->Container->Software Installed
  • You can view the list of containers that software is installed on
  • Identify “Container” type

How to enable it:

This feature is coming soon for FNMS cloud customers (target is late April/May. On-Premises customers will be able to leverage this feature in May/June 2020.

If you DO NOT WISH to have this feature enabled, open a support case, and we will make sure this feature is not enabled on your account. 

Listen to a recording of our recent Containers webinar to learn more about this new feature and how these capabilities will help you transform your business. Discovery and inventory capabilities are the beginning of this journey as more capabilities to help organizations manage containers will be coming in future releases. 

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