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Why the Oracle Instance value appear as Oracle DB product name or Oracle DB Option name

Why the Oracle Instance value appear as Oracle DB product name or Oracle DB Option name


This knowledge base will explain a current product behavior that why user will see 'Oracle Instance' value appearing as 'Oracle Database' or 'Oracle Database Option' in the Oracle Instance page.


FlexNet Manager Suite user will notice the following Oracle Instance value. Sometimes it will appear as 'Oracle database 11g R2 Unspecified' or showing the value as the Oracle Database Option 'Partitioning 12 R1'. etc

User-added image


In general, ?Oracle Instance and Oracle Database Edition value is coming by running Oracle Database Inventory process. However in some circumstance either the device may not run the Oracle Inventory task or the inventory comes from other inventory source eg: sccm etc.

Then we will use other methodology when the Oracle Database or Oracle option is recognized for instance by OUI evidence that Oracle is on the machine, Current product will add the Oracle Database version (unspecified Edition) as instance Name . But lacking Oracle inventory which can be used to confirm the edition info.

FNMS auto-creates instance records for Oracle products attached to an Oracle Processor / NUP license type. It works the same way with middleware and any application. The advantage is that it makes sure these installations will consume an Oracle Processor / NUP license. Without an instance record, they will not. This is very deliberate. Without this behavior, User will end up with massive blind spots if they have not ensured that 100% of their Oracle devices are currently reporting healthy Oracle inventory.
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