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This article will explain why in the Application Recognition Library, SQL Server components such as SSRS, SSIS , SSAS are classified as 'Commercial' instead of 'Component'.


In the application recognition library, there are a list of SQL Components software such as:

SQL Server Reporting Services
SQL Server Integration Services
SQL Server Analysis Services
SQL Server Master Data Services
SQL Server Database Engine Services

They are currently be assigned with classification as 'Commercial'. It will be questioned why they are not being assigned as 'Component' as classification naturally.


The reason is based on Microsoft SQL Server licensing agreement:

SQL Server software includes a range of licensed server components, including the SQL Server Database Engine (DB), Master Data Services (MDS), Analysis Services (AS), Integration Services (IS), Reporting Services (RS), and Data Quality Services (DQS). In addition, a number of management components are provided, such as client applications and tools used for creating or working with analytical data

The software components of SQL Server 2012 cannot be separated for use in more than one OSE. If these components are running on a server other than the main database server, then an additional license is required for each additional OSE in which they are installed. For example, if the SQL Server DB is deployed in one OSE and SQL Server RS is deployed in another, both OSEs must be fully licensed for SQL Server 2012 accordingly.

The attachment contains the Microsoft SQL Server licensing term with specification of licensing requirement for using above components.

In summary, In ARL library we classified those components are 'Commercial'. This classification is an useful reminder for Enterprise SAM administrator to pay attention to make sure all those licenseable components have SQL license coverage. "Component" could be easily neglected.
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