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This article details the behaviour of the FlexNet Inventory Agent when a computer is shutdown, put in standby (sleep mode) or hibernate


What is the FlexNet Inventory Agent behaviour when a computer is shutdown, put in standby (sleep mode) or hibernate?


The Inventory Agent installs two services (ndtask ? the agents task launcher; mgsusageag ? The usage tracking agent) which are automatically started after a successful installation and, on every system boot (reference: FlexNet Inventory Agent And MDs.pdf, available from the Online Help).

When a computer is shut down, the agent will stop. But in the Agent Inventory Schedule (located under Discovery & Inventory > Settings in the FNMS user interface), you can enable the option 'Run last missed event', among other settings.

Standby (Sleep Mode) / Suspended (VM)
When a computer is in standby, it is saving or 'suspending' the current computer's state (including open programs and their last activity) in RAM, keeping the computer in low power mode. All programs resume upon wake, and this is the case for an Agent scan.

This mode is the same as standby, except the state is saved on the HDD and the computer is not in low power mode. Again, the Agent should resume a scan upon wake.
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