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Virus and malware scanning in line with your normal organizational standards and procedures should be performed on all computers that have FlexNet Manager Suite components installed. No exclusions related to FlexNet Manager Suite generally need to be configured.

Consider the following points if a scanning tool raises an alert in relation to files in a FlexNet Manager Suite component as being potentially infected with a virus or malware:

  • Immediately follow your normal organizational procedures for handling the alert. This may include steps to isolate affected computers, verify whether the alert is a real or false positive, and perform further appropriate remedial activity.

  • Comparing a copy of a file which is reported as potentially infected with a virus or malware with a known clean copy may help to identify whether the alert is a real or false positive. If you are unsure about whether you have a clean copy of a file to compare against, contact Flexera Support who can help verify details of a clean file for the exact version of the component you are working with.

    Tip: When contacting Flexera Support, it will help to provide details of the exact version of the FlexNet Manager Suite component you are working with and an MD5 checksum of the copy of the file you have.

    The Windows certutil command-line program can be used to calculate an MD5 checksum of a file. For example:

    certutil -hashfile your-file.exe MD5

    Copies of files which may be infected with a virus or malware should not be sent to Flexera.

  • If it is determined that your scanning tool is generating a false positive alert (that is, there is in fact no problem with the file that is being alerted about), work with your scanning tool provider to determine how best to avoid the false positive. It is generally preferred to do this in a way that does not exclude files from being scanned, as an exclusion can potentially result in future actual infections failing to be detected.
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