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This article discusses an error that occurs when running the Oracle Server Worksheet.


After upgrading the testing and production environment to FNMS 2016 R1 SP1 (previously FNMS 2015 R2 SP5) the Oracle Server Worksheet throws an unexpected error on both systems (production and testing environment)

The report can be found under "Reports -> License Compliance -> Oracle Server Worksheet"

After selecting the Oracle Server Worksheet, please find an extract of the error below:

[ERROR 2017-03-20 10:06:53,771 39328ms UnhandledErrors       ] An unexpected error occurred (014e1328-3b65-40e1-a6ef-747a0e57cf14) System.InvalidOperationException: The result collection contains duplicate objects.


The store procedure 'ReportOracleServerWorksheet' does not handle the case when 'VersionName' is an empty string in the OracleDBVersion view. To mitigate the issue, populate the version name for the respective rows.
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