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When attempting to delete an SAP Admin Module or a whole Landscape that contains one, you might get an expected error in the WebUI


An SAP Landscape or Admin Module is not deleting when pressing the delete button, and it returns a plain Unexpected Error instead.

This would result in a SQL Server error on the back end that is not visible in the WebUI by default:
Msg 547, Level 16, State 0, Procedure SAPSystemInsteadOfDeleteTrigger, Line 62
The DELETE statement conflicted with the SAME TABLE REFERENCE constraint "FK_SAPSystem_MasterSAPSystemID". The conflict occurred in database "FNMSCompliance", table "dbo.SAPSystem_MT", column 'MasterSAPSystemID'.
The statement has been terminated.


With the introduction of Dependant and inDependant SAP Systems in FNMS 2016 Architect, Dependent SAP Systems go under the Admin Module which prevents the Admin Module to be deleted until the Dependant SAP Systems are deleted.

Same scenario when deleting an SAP System Landscape, as when it attempts to delete the SAP Systems top to bottom it tries deleting the Admin Module first.


This has been raised as a product defect referenced FNMS-46937 to be resolved in a future release.


Delete the Dependant SAP System first, then you will be able to delete the Admin Module and/or System Landscape.
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