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Obtain SQL Edition information from SCCM 2012 for FNMP


SCCM does not collect WMI information by default - this is required in order to identify the SQL Server edition and stop the "SQL Server Unspecified Edition" titles showing up.

This article covers the available solutions in this scenario.


As SCCM is a Microsoft product, Microsoft Support or Microsoft knowledgebase articles may contain instructions on how to enhance SCCM to collect WMI evidence for SQL Server recognition.

If you don't want to modify SCCM then Flexera recommend to use the FlexNet Manager Suite agent to capture the SQL Server edition information.

?Alternatively for customers using the FlexNet Manager Suite 2015 R2 product (or above), the Flexera Inventory scanner tool provided on the Product & License Center can be used. It can be deployed and triggered using the SCCM infrastructure.

Both of these solutions require a valid FlexNet Manager for Microsoft license.

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Additional Information

It is possible to customise SCCM to collect WMI evidence using custom MOF files / custom views in the SCCM database however this is not supported by Flexera Software Engineering or Technical Support teams and so we cannot provide instructions for doing this.

We can support using the Flexnet agent or Standalone scanner.

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000007955: Getting SQL Edition information from SCCM for FNMP
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