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Re-index the database when upgrading Flexnet Manager Suite


Upgrade Doc suggests re-indexing the database after running the database update script (mgsDatabaseUpdate.exe).

1) Can the Reindex script be run on FNMPDatawarehouse and ContentStore database or is it only for IM and FNMP database?

2) Can we proceed with the upgrade if the re-indexing fails at this time. Can the database be re-indexed after the upgrade at a later time?


1) ReIndexAll.sql should only be executed on databases that are managed directly by the FNMS product. This was only intended to be executed on IM and FNMP. However, it should not hurt the FNMPDatawarehouse.

Therefore, the ReIndexAll.sql should be able to be executed on FNMPDatawarehouse.
The ReIndexAll.sql should NOT be executed on ContentStore, because ContentStore (or similar naming ones) is the Cognos database and is managed directly by the Cognos product.

2) It should be okay to upgrade if the re-indexing fails. Then it should be okay to re-index after the upgrade at a later time, but only on databases that are managed directly by FNMS, ie IM or FNMP.

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