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An organizational structure import error can occur when importing a new or updated organizational structure into FlexNet Manager for Engineering Applications through the web UI or command line. The most common cause of the error is a misconfiguration or invalid values in the organizational structure XML file.

Org structure import error

Importing: C:\Flexera\Test\TestOrgStructure.xml
Failed to import the org struture.
Reason-Failed to import LDAP Users - Org Read Error.:[Incident# 6887-62221069] com.flexnet.remotereporting.server.except
ions.OrgStructureReadException: Failed to import CSV Org File: C:\Flexera\Test\TestOrgStructure.xml:ValidationException:

Review and correct your organizational structure XML file

Below is a list of common data configuration errors that will invalidate the XML file and cause the import to fail. Review the XML file to ensure no invalid information is present, then reupload it.

  • The cellNumber column can't contain alphabetic characters. Verify this column only contains numeric characters.
  • The Address1 field can't be blank if the Address2 field has data in it. Enter missing data in the Address1 field, if necessary.
  • You can't use the same values for multiple nodes. If there is more than one identical node in the file, delete or rename the matching node(s).
  • Data must contain only ASCII characters. You can identify non-ASCII characters using an application such as Notepad++, then follow the steps below to search the XML file for these characters.
    • Press Ctrl + F on your keyboard (or use View > Find )
    • Enter [^\x00-\x7F]+ in search box
    • Select the Regular expression search mode
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