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How to migrate your SAP Systems in FlexNet Manager Suite 2016 R1+ without losing historical data when upgrading FlexNet Manager for SAP


After upgrading an older FlexNet Manager Suite to version 2016 R1+ Architect, your existing SAP Satellite Systems will be set to Independent System according to the previous architect.
?To be able to structure the new environment and keep your data, you need to change an Independent SAP System to an Admin Module then include the SAP Satellite Systems that you want managed by this Admin Module as Dependent Systems.

However, if your SAP Systems were configured on a Beacon initially, you won't be able to change them to an Admin Module in the FNMS WebUI.


Editing an SAP System in the WebUI can only be done if you initially configured it in the WebUI as so, and changing the SAP System Type in the Beacon does not reflect in the FNMS WebUI.

This has been qualified as a Bug, referenced FNMS-52864.


The current workaround available for FlexNet Manager Suite On-Premise customers is following these steps:
  1. Login to your FNMSCompliance database, query "select * from SAPSystemLandscape", and identify your SAPSystemLandscapeID of the SAP System Landscape you would like to migrate
  2. Run the attached script to convert your desired Independent SAP System to an Admin Module
  3. Open the converted Admin Module and click on Add under Dependent System sections
  4. Select the Independent SAP Satellite Systems that you would like to convert to Dependent Systems managed by the above Admin Module
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