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How is the Publisher field populated on a License.


When viewing a license within FlexNet Manager Suite there is no publisher listed, how is the publisher set?


The Publish field on a license can be set using the following methods:

Manual License Creation:
If the license is manually created the Publisher is a field that can be set when the license is created, this can also be set after the license has been created directly on the license.

Creating a license from a SKU:
If the license is created from a SKU that has been processed the Publisher details will be added to the license template directly from the data in the SKU.

Additional Information

More details on the Publisher field can be located in the FlexNet Manager Suite Online help by searching for "Publisher" and selecting the page titled "Publisher".

If a SKU has been processed and the Publisher field has not been populated an update to the Application Recognition Library (ARL) could be required, please contact technical support with the SKU that was used to create the license with the information on the product and the publisher information.

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