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Downloading the FlexNet Manager Suite Content libraries manually

Downloading the FlexNet Manager Suite Content libraries manually


Manual download instructions for the Application Recognition Library (ARL), Product Use Rights Library (PURL) & Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) Content libraries


The Content libraries, required by FlexNet Manager Suite, may be downloaded manually for customers who choose to, or are unable to use the automated download and installation default configuration.
  • Application Recognition Library (ARL)
  • Stock Keeping Unit (SKU)
  • Product Use Rights Library (PURL)


The Content library files may be downloaded from the Product and License Center.


1. Log into the Flexera Software Customer Community:
Note: Every customer must have an account established prior in order to log in successfully. If no account exists, click the Request Community Access link.
Login Screen

2. Click on ?Downloads? tab:

3. Click on the Access Above Products button under the the listing for FlexNet Manager Platform in the list
Open Products for FlexNet Manager Platform

4. The following page illustrates the login landing page:
Customer Community Download page

5. Entitled products owned will appear under the Your Downloads box on the right side of the page. Click on the appropriate license manager product to obtain the corresponding PURL library file(s):
Available license manager products
The files displayed in this list, is based on each customers' licensed options.

6. Click on the hyperlink for the chosen license manager product. For example:
Selected license manager product

7. If requested, Accept the Software Terms and Conditions.
Note: This will only appear the first time when accessing a file for the first time.

8. Download the selected PURL file, by clicking on the hyperlink under the File Name column:
Download PURL file??
9. To download the ARL and SKU library files, return to the PLC 2.0 Login Landing page and click on 'Flexnet Manager Platform' in the 'Your Downloads' section.
Customer Community Download page
User-added image

10. Click on 'FlexNet Manager Platform Content Libraries'
User-added image

11. Choose the file you would like to download.
User-added image
Note: The 'Desktop Product Use Rights Library vxxx' represents the Desktop PURL file, which was introduced in FlexNet Manager Suite release 2015. Previous releases do not require this file.

12. To receive notifications regarding ARL and SKU/PURL updates, please sign up for FlexNet Manager Suite Software and Content Library Updates at the following page: Sign up for content updates.

Additional Information

Installing the Content Library Files
Once the Content library files have been downloaded and transferred to a location that can be accessed by the FlexNet Manager Suite server (or directly onto the server), they can be installed.

The utility MgsImportRecognition is required for installing the libraries. This utility is located in the ...\dotnet\bin directory of your server.

For example C:\Program Files (x86)\Flexera Software\FlexNet Manager Platform\dotnet\bin\MgsImportRecognition.exe

To import the ARL use the command:
MgsImportRecognition -ia <path>\

To import Load the SKU library:
MgsImportRecognition -is <path>\
- yes, the SKU library filename really is

Load the PURL libraries:
MgsImportRecognition -is <path>\PURL-<Publisher name>.cab

For example:
MgsImportRecognition -ia C:\Temp\
MgsImportRecognition -is C:\Temp\
MgsImportRecognition -is C:\temp\
MgsImportRecognition -is C:\temp\
MgsImportRecognition -is C:\temp\

Note that you may wish to automate this step.

Customers with a multi-tenant installation may need to append the command ?g Group to the end of their commands.

For example:
?MgsImportRecognition -ia C:\Temp\ -g Group

Disabling the FlexNet Manager Platform\Recognition Data Import Scheduled Task

The Import ManageSoft Application Recognition Library task, by default, will check for Content updates at 1am on Sunday each week. If a new version of the ARL libraries is found, the database update script will automatically be downloaded and executed, updating your database.

In order to disable the scheduled task, please refer to KB Article: 'Flexera Software Application Recognition Library (ARL) Update Process'

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Unable to access library download page. It gives error.

Note: Steps 1 & 2 in the process currently described in this article refer to the old Flexera Community. For the new Community at, access downloads after logging in using the Other Resources > Product and License Center menu option.

Also, the link in this article to the companion article "Flexera Software Application Recognition Library (ARL) update process" should now go to

Now I am able to download library files.

Thanks @ChrisG