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Discovery and Inventory rules allow you to initiate the remote discovery and inventory collection process in FlexNet Manager Suite. Once created, these rules run on a schedule from an inventory Beacon.

If you need to pause a Discovery and Inventory without deleting it, for example, to change the rule or troubleshoot an issue, you can follow the steps below to disable an existing Discovery and Inventory rule.

  1. In the FlexNet Manager Suite UI, select Discovery & Inventory > Discovery and Inventory Rules
  2. Click the Edit icon for the applicable rule. 
    2 - Edit Button.png






  1. In the Rule Builder section, select the Schedule button.

  2. Select the Save as button. 


  3. Select the Disabled option from the Rule name drop-down option, then select Save. steps.png

NOTE: To re-enable the Discovery and Inventory rule, follow the same steps as above, selecting Enabled in step five rather than Disabled.

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