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When running the FlexNet Manager Suite Config.ps1 configuration script, you receive an error similar to the one shown below;

Exception calling "Extract All" with "2" argument(s): Could not find a part of the path.
For example:

Installation Problem - Large.jpg



This error can occur if the full path names of files in the extracted FlexNet Manager Suite installation package is very long. In the above example, the installation package was extracted to  C:\Users\administrator.2016SCHEMA\Downloads, with a deep directory structure under there.


Move the extracted installation package to a short path (such as under C:\ or C:\FNMS), and re-run the Config.ps1 script.


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Problem solved. 

I extracted the zip-file in D:\Install and the installation went well.

Standard an extract usses the name of the zip-file "FlexNet Manager Suite Installer 2023 R1." was to long for the powershell script. 


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