Beacon Policy Status shows "Awaiting update"

Beacon Policy Status shows "Awaiting update"


Beacon Policy Status shows "Awaiting update"


Beacon Policy Status shows "Awaiting update".
Relaunching the inventory beacon application to force get a new policy does not resolve the issue.


Incrementing a beacon policy revision and relaunching the inventory beacon via the following steps should resolve the issue:

  1. Login to FlexNet Manager Suite webui.
  2. Go to Discovery & Inventory > Settings.
    Update something in the Inventory Settings page (does not matter what), and then click Save.
  4. Revert the updated setting in the step 3, and then Save again.
  5. Login to the Inventory Beacon server.
  6. Relaunch the Inventory Beacon.
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3rd Steps seems to be not printed properly Can someone rewrite the thing again

I tried this but it made no difference. Any other suggestions?

Sometimes I see this error when the beacon is not able to upload its log files successfully. Only through the log files the processing server knows if an update was successful or what the status of the beacon is.
Just have a look at the local logs of the beacon to see if there are any errors. Also the uploader.log gives a hint, if all files (including BeaconStatus) are uploaded successfully.

Thanks! I checked the uploader log and noticed it has not been updated since last November. I've checked the parent connection in the beacon GUI, which is fine, have restarted the Flexnet beacon services on the device, and also rebooted the device as a last resort but still the uploader log does not update. Any other suggestions?

Verify that the Scheduled Tasks used by the beacon to upload inventory and beacon "status" are scheduled and running successfully or not.  You can find this in the Windows Task Scheduler.

Ah yes , that was the problem. The scheduled tasks were disabled. All fine now.

The same issued I have also faced, The "beacon to upload inventory and beacon" task was disabled, Once task is enabled issue get resolved. 

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