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upgrade OS FNMS

We want to upgrade the OS where FNMS is installed on from Windows Server 2012 to Windows Server 2020. Is there something we have to keep in mind when we do this? Are there known problems we can already anticipate on?

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By Level 7 Champion
Level 7 Champion

Hello @vicky_pelgroms 

In general, as long as the Win OS version list in the version of FNMS release note, then it should be compatible. Of course a backup of VM will be much safer way to consider before start. If the OS version is not in the release note, then it's not officially supported as it's usually not QA verified on such OS during the software implementation cycle.




By Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

If you are considering whether to do an in-place upgrade of the OS (i.e. upgrading the OS installation) rather than starting with a new OS installation, it is generally recommended to go with the latter approach: install the new OS, and then install & configure FNMS on the new OS. Common experience shows the upgrading an OS in-place can leave configurations broken.

There is some more discussion about this on the following thread: Windows and SQL in-place upgrade for FNMS 2022 R1.

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Thanks for the advice!