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can i integrate FNMS cloud with ServiceNow current and upcoming versions?

Hi Forum,

As per the Flexera documentation flexera can be integrated with only below versions of serviceNow or we can integrate with N and N+1(upcoming) versions? and will there be any issue at the CMDB level if we do integration with versions which is not mentioned in the docs?

New York

please suggest.



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@winvarma - That information is out of date.

The compatibility with ServiceNow is not at the FNMS level, it is with the Flexera Integration app that is installed into a ServiceNow instance.  FNMS talks to the Integration application, and the Integration application talks to ServiceNow.  The same Integration application is used by Data Platform, FNMS On-Premises, Flexera One ITAM (FNMS Cloud) and Flexera One IT Visibility.

For the latest compatibility, go to the ServiceNow Store and search for 'Flexera'.  As of today, the compatible versions listed for ServiceNow are Paris, Quebec and Rome.

Hi Kevin,

thanks for the swift response as always on this query and hope some one will do the updates to the documentation which will avoid any confusion.



The System Requirements for FlexNet Manager Suite 2020R1 (cloud and on-premises editions) have been corrected.  

Hi @pwesthorp ,

thanks for the update(is it changed only for 2020 R1 might be a typo and is it not 2021R1.1) and when we look at related to compatibility with ServiceNow its updated as "For information on supported versions, go to the ServiceNow Store and search for 'Flexera" but still the Inventory Adapters and Connectors Reference FlexNet Manager Suite doc chapter shows the old info in page no.301 not sure who will take care of this.


Hi @winvarma 

  • Not a typo: 2021R1 is the most recent release of the on-premises edition. The cloud edition is also updated, and that is officially known as 2021R1.1 -- so effectively, both those editions of the System Requirements have been updated.  
  • It is not our practice to retrofit old PDF documents. In part this is because there is work in progress going on for the next release, so that the document is 'unstable' and not fit for publication as a finished document. Another factor is that documentation writers are very, very thin on the ground and if we spend time doing retrofits and republishing, we cannot get the new work done for the next release. 
  • However, because the HTML documents can be updated a page at a time (if a change is really necessary), I have also updated both the cloud and on-premises editions of Inventory Adapters and Connectors Reference in their HTML versions. See (on-premises) and (cloud). 
  • I promise that this is all I have time for. The PDF versions will catch up at the next releases.