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Best Practices for FNMPDataWarehouse export (partial export . ConcurrentDashboard)


With the use of Flexera Analytics and the dynamic management dashboard available since a few releases, a permanent export of the FNMS data to the DataWarehouse is necessary. This is realized by default via the "FNMPDataWarehouse" task and the associated partial export.

Now our customer operates a very large environment (+300k inventories, +150k assets, +60k purchases, +5k licenses) - in which there are permanent changes to the data, which is also reflected in the long runtimes of the FNMSDataWarehouse task. Per run the task needs about 1.5h and afterwards the next one starts, again for a similar runtime. Except at night, when none works on the system, the runtimes are a few minutes.

Now there is the possibility to control this via registry for the runtime of the task. If we set the value "DashboardJobPollTimeSeconds" to 1h, then the system still starts with a partial export of the data and not only with the data collection, I would have expected this step only at the start of the timer "DashboardJobCooldownTimeSeconds". Can anyone say anything more specific about this.

Due to the heavy load on the FNMS system caused by the Partial Export, we want to run it as infrequently as possible, but as often as necessary. What are the disadvantages for the dashboard and analytics if the task is executed only 2x days?

Thanks and Best, Dennis


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