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Upload inventory on a different schedule

Hello Community,

I encountered a particular scenario for one of our customers.

We deployed agents on server and workstation

Inventory generation is from 8:00 am commencing in the next 8 hours.

Till now all good, but a lot of users are working from home via VPN and they are not all the time on the VPN as they are working part time. For example the user was connected to VPN from 11:00 to 13:00

When I checked the log files of the agent, the agent tried to upload at 8:00, 10:45,13:35 and 15:49 so all attempts missed the windows when the user was on VPN

Now, I'm searching for a solution to force the agent to use a more aggressively upload interval, like 1 hour.

I'm open to suggestion.

Thank you for your support and I wish you a nice day.   

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Community Manager

The built-in schedule that runs on agents does include a trigger to attempt to upload files whenever the operating system detects a new network connection is made, but your observations suggest that a VPN connection doesn't qualify as a "new network connection" for this purpose.

Maybe consider working with the VPN team to see if there is a way to configure the VPN to run a process after a new VPN connection is made. You could then arrange to run "ndupload.exe -t Machine". Note that this would have to be run with local administrator rights to be effective, as unprivileged user accounts won't have rights to run the upload process for machine-level inventory data.

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Hi @ChrisG ,

Thank you for your answer, I was thinking to run "ndupload.exe -t Machine" with task scheduler and running in system context, on a hourly basis, I assume that after a successful upload the .ndi file is deleted from the system, and only with the next schedule it will be created.

But I don't know if ndupload.exe will not generate a WebUI error in case of beacon server is not available.


@adrian_ritz1 - To accommodate these users, could you change your global inventory schedule to run at 9AM or 10AM instead of 8AM?