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Unallocated vs Allocated | Licenses

Hello Dear Community,

For licensing creation process in Flexera - I have a few questions that I would really appreciate your responses for:

1) I do believe the license creation process in FNMS is a manual process - Yes or No? If No is it viable via Business Adapters?

2) The default allocation type for a license is "Allocated". If it is supposed to be found as "Unallocated". This would only mean it was possible through manual intervention? - Yes or No? If No can you please help me understand the process here

3) For available entitlements for Oracle processor licenses, if the PO says purchased quantity is 1, and there is enterprise wide consumption showing 4000+ . Does this imply that the PO must be trued up via proper contracts and the number should be ideally manually changed? Yes or No? If No can you please help me understand the process here


Thank you

Abhilash M

(2) Replies

Hi @Cloaky 

1. No.  License creation via GUI is stored proc driven recognition of sku's with recognition, linking to applications, application of license rules etc, etc -  but it is driven by a  man via the GUI.  You can use adapters and templates to upload PO's.

You can create licenses via a business adapter, which may be useful for entitlements with no sku's - see "usingFlexNetBusinessImporter" for your version of FNMS - 2018R1 pdf attached. See License Object in attached document


2.  Licenses are not allocated by default.  The default for a device in the consumption tab of a device based license is not allocated.  License allocations can be done via a business adapter or via the front end.  See Software Allocation Object in attached document

3.  It sounds like you may not have captured all entitlements.  Ensure that the contracts are captured.  Also ensure the PO's were correctly processed to create the license.  It could be that the license is measuring the wrong application hence the big discrepancy.


Reference document