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USB Scanning devices data information Table


We are currently using the below settings in FNMS due to which the agents are scanning all physical drives.

This means:

or UNIX-like platforms, a setting of "/" scans the entire file system. For Microsoft Windows platforms, when the value of this entry is set to "\", it means "include all drives", with the exception of $(WindowsFolder) and its subfolders. (To change this default exclusion, see ExcludeDirectory.) Notice that "include all drives" means all fixed drives and all local drives (such as USB sticks or USB-connected external drives), but does not include network shares.

We want to change these inventory setting.

Can we get an idea about where exactly we need to check/test the data(coming from USB ) is removed or not?


Sreerama Yenuga

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By Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

One way you might be able to check this is to look at the file details on the "Evidence" tab on some sample inventory devices, and check that file details you're expecting to see have been removed do not appear there. If you do see the file details there then that suggests this data is still in the system.

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