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Troubleshooting Flexera agent is a time consuming process

I have multiple servers and workstations where Agent stopped working due to some issue. Now everytime it is not possible to have logs available from each machine. Is there a way to troubleshoot agents easily?

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By Level 5 Flexeran
Level 5 Flexeran

As of today the only way to troubleshoot an agent is to log in to each machine. I know there has been some discussion about getting agent logs to a centralized location on the app server or beacon but today that isn't the case. 


Thanks for your reply!
There is an an out of date inventory page , why can't you provide the logs from those devices on the same page.

As you said that there is no solution as of now so it becomes a roadblock for us to troubleshoot workstations beacuse Flexera logs are always available in C drive and in our environment Avecto is blocking every user to access the same. Moreover, We don't want to disturb a user to send logs to us.

Part of the problem would be: If the agent itself would try to send the logs and fail to do so, what would you see in FNMS? To reliably monitor the agent, you would need an external system.

Here comes role of beacons here , if we can't see it over FNMS , atleast we should see the logs over beacons.

I have put together the attached document to help determine what should be monitored by a system monitoring tool. 

Nice list. The agent installation log (C:\Windows\Temp\ManageSoft\installation.log) should be monitored as well. It contains errors when downloading the policy fails.
By Level 17 Champion
Level 17 Champion
Hi, To be honest, this is part of why I usually try to avoid the FNMS agent and rely on managed sources like SCCM, BMC, Universal Discovery, etc. For a solution-oriented answer: I am not aware of an ootb solution here. I could imagine a custom scripted solution collecting agent logs in a central share and search them for keywords. Or use existing event/log/monitoring systems to check agent log files regularly. Best regards, Markward
I Agree but why Flexera is not a making it simple . If Flexera can grab inventory why not logs or atleast send it over to beacons?
@chirag_sharma2, we are aware of this limitation. At this time, I believe that Support may have some tools that can assist with collection of logs from agent devices. We are also looking at delivering this capability in the product in the near future.

Is it possible to have visibility of what those tools are? As whenever we've experienced an issue with the Flexera agent, I have only ever been asked for the logs from those devices by support.