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The license is linked to an application without evidence Alert

Hi All, We have a handful of apps displaying the Alert of The license is linked to an application without evidence . Problem is when I go into the Application tab of the license, there is no application linked. Can anyone tell me where this alert is coming from? Also, was looking for a definition/description of this Alert and find no specific information.


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Alerts types in FNMS are defined in a table named [AlertType]. The alerts you are concerned about are of type 'LicenseHasPlaceholderApplication'.

These alerts are calculated in a stored SQL procedure named [ProcessAlertsForSoftwareLicenses] based on a JOIN of the software licenses with software titles and with evidences linked to these titles. Results of this JOIN are stored in a staging table named #LicensesWithPlaceholderApps.

Based on the SQL code, no alerts of type 'LicenseHasPlaceholderApplication' should be created if a license is not linked to any application.

One possible reason for your observation is that the licenses showing the alert have been linked to an application without evidence, but the application has been unlinked from the license. In this case, the alerts are potentially not deleted from the [Alerts] table automatically.

If you are working in an on-prem installation of FNMS, you could delete all alerts of this type by running the following SQL statement on your [FNMSCompliance]-Database:


FROM [Alert]
   (SELECT AlertTypeID FROM [AlertType] WHERE AlertTypeName = 'LicenseHasPlaceholderApplication')


Alerts should be recalculated correctly during the next compliance import.