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Solaris/SunOS servers not coming in via Tanium Asset Connector


There are over 290 Solaris servers in Tanium but none are coming over to FNM. Looking at a few of these servers, I see that there is an app installed (which is another issue). Thinking if there were zero apps instead of the one (the Tanium client - go figure), this may be an expected outcome but there is at least one app. Anyone seen this?

On the only-one-app issue, anyone have any ideas there? Do those servers require file evidence gathering turned on in Tanium? Is there no Solaris package manager? (Sorry, not a *NIX guy).

Thanks, Rob

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By Level 2 Flexeran
Level 2 Flexeran

Hi Rob,

Can you have a look at the report with the name "Flexera Report Computer" under Tanium->Asset->Reports, and check if these devices appear in that report?

This report has the same data that is pulled by the FNMS adapter, because this is based on the same view that is used by the adapter.

Please do let us know what you find.



@schandran , I have the report and have found that all of the ~290 Solaris servers are indeed there. But all except for 5 records have duplicate serial. Other sources bring in duplicate serial numbers but let's say this one doesn't. There still should be 5 (the ones with unique serial) that come across. Any thoughts?