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Software Language

Hello team,


Has anyone worked on a report for software language from FNMS data? We have specific requirements to show OS language and Installed Software language for SCCM desktops/laptops. 


I cannot see the data for software language in FNMS. I do see raw data in SCCM that would work.



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By Level 7 Champion
Level 7 Champion

Hi @rwiltshire 


Any chance to attach a screenshot from SCCM of this OS language you mention , curious to confirm whether it appears as Installer Evidence or WMI Evidence during the FNMS Import process.




OS language/locale is in FNMS.  Inventory.dbo.ComputerOperatingSystem.OSLanguage.

Add/Remove Programs data in SCCM contains a locale for packages where it exists. Data is not always present or points to a multi-user interface which then uses the OS language setting.

In FNMS, I am only seeing locale for files in FNMS and not installed software.

All right, this OS Lang code eg:1033 ...interesting, I searched the entire importProcedure doesn't seem the import does anything from this field. I guess FNMS doesn't use this OS language from inventory manager at the moment.  Also even the FileEvidence has the field for language code, but as it's not part of the primary key of the File Evidence, so I guess currently the first exe file we receive with the lang  code will take the spot and prevent the same file with other language code being created. 

Maybe an enhancement request 🙂 


Hi Rob,

For Windows devices, SCCM retrieves the Operating System (OS) language as WMI evidence.

In case you are working in an on-prem FNMS environmnt, you can extract the OS language from the [FNMSCompliance] database using SQL, and build a report based on the output of the following statement:

        , cc.ComputerName
        , we.PropertyValue             AS [LanguageCode]
    FROM  [ComplianceComputer]   cc
    JOIN  [InstalledWMIEvidence] iwe   
    		ON iwe.ComplianceComputerID = cc.ComplianceComputerID
    JOIN  [WMIEvidence]          we    
    		ON we.WMIEvidenceID         = iwe.WMIEvidenceID
          we.ClassName    = 'Win32_OperatingSystem'
      AND we.PropertyName = 'OSLanguage'

The [LanguageCode] column contains the decimal LCID value for the language.
As an example, 1033 means 'English (United States,' (en-us).

@rwiltshire - Language is not an attribute that Flexera tracks and manages, either for the OS or Installed Applications.

As @erwinlindemann highlighted, some of this data (such as the OS Language) is captured in the raw data but is not exposed in the UI.