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Smartsheet entitlements

I've a scenario(just taking as an example to avoid real numbers) . We renewed Smartsheet INC say for $100 for 3 years. The amendment says quantity as 10 Creators for 3 yrs. However, there are 3 invoices raised for Year 1 - $30, Year 2- $30, Year 3 - $40. Though the Quantity remains same 10 creators for 3 yrs, each invoice has got Quantity as 10 and arrived Unit prices $30/10 which is $3.  

My question is, should the Unit price be calculated as $100/10 keeping the duration as 3 yrs or 

Year 1 = $130/10 , Year 2 = $30/10 , Year 3 = $40/10? 

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I would say that it should reflect your reporting needs, i.e., if your organization wants to be able to precisely report on the yearly costs you would have to reflect the distribution correctly accross the three years of subscription.

Please be aware that there are multiple ideas related to being able to track costs associated with SaaS subscriptions in the SaaS mgt. functionality, so you may want to vote on some of these ideas and may also want to add your specific needs.