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How to understand mapping between (fields in FNMS) and (fields in FNMS Analytics). Understanding Table Names and Column Names in DATABASE with Flexera Analytics Cognos Packages.


We are working on Flexera Analytics to build some custom reports and dashboards for customer.

The challenge is, the data fields are not present in one Package. So we need to write SQL queries to pull data from Database to achieve this. 

However, we are facing challenge with queries, particularly because we do not exactly know which table names and which columns in Database would the required data be present at.

Is there any reference diagram or document which can guide on following -

1. Tells us the mapping between fields in FNMS with Fields in Flexera Analytics GUI.

2. Guides us to understand which data fields is present in which particular tableName and columnName in Database.

Thank you!

Best regards


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Hi @SyedByhaqiEMT,

I see a similar question was raised previously here:

As highlighted in the other post, the Database Schema is a good starting point for what you are wanting to achieve. The link below is the reference for FNMS 2023 R2: